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Vampirism and You!

Louis has a lot on his plate. He's just turned seventeen, he has to move to America from his home country of England, he could--maybe--be gay and he just joined the ranks of the undead. His foster-sire Duncan--who he has absolutely no feelings for whatsoever--forces him to go to high school to help him learn to be around humans without eating them. As if his life wasn't difficult enough, there's a strange vampire hanging around that Duncan really doesn't like and Louis accidentally turned the head cheerleader into his minion while playing Dracula in the school play.

And that's just the tip of the bloody iceberg, because as Louis is about to find out, being Dracula's grandson is not all it's cracked up to be.

Necromancy and You! From A to Zombie

  Al Skelton is a nearly fifteen-year-old boy with an unusual interest—raising the dead. When the book Necromancy and You! arrives in the mail and Al’s interest goes from theory to practice as he’s dragged into a world he doesn’t really understand. A world full of undead frogs, vampires, ghouls and a sinister cabal called the Coalition who would like nothing more than to bring Al into their fold—by any means necessary.

Works in Progress:

Baying at the Moon
How to Breathe Fire

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